Some photos of a few of my creations in Bali

Produits d'Ici, Saveurs d'Ailleurs : Local Products, Flavours (and techniques) from abroad.

My name is Luke MacLeod.  I am an Aussie, I’m a surfer, world traveller, a chef that loves working with local ingredients wherever I am in the world and through my experiences, portraying my stories to guests on the plate.  Drawing inspiration from my farmers, markets, visits to the village & often surf trips to create a menu that never stops evolving, the menu changes everyday! 

After completing my apprenticeship under Master Chef Raymond Capaldi who encouraged me to go to France.   I worked for master chefs:  Alain Senderens (RIP), Michel Guérard, Alexandre Bourdas & over the period of 10 years. I am married to one of the best women in France: Isabelle MacLeod, we have 2 fantastic kids who are also world travellers, love cooking and adventures.   My cooking has sent our family to Hong Kong working for Pierre Gagnaire,  Thailand the land of spices and herbs where I took my first executive chef job with a team of 50 and finally to Bali, Indonesia where I was Chef of THE RESTAURANT @ The Legian Bali.  I lead perhaps the greatest culinary team in Indonesia of 63 passionate, talented, kind chefs and stewards. 

Un Pied à terre, we have just returned to South West France and we have started our restaurant "La Palombe Gourmande" in Lascazères.  Isabelle and I are working together to give our best and offer the type of restaurant and dining that is a reflection of our personalities.   Working directly with farmers, creating daily menus, testing my skills, pushing my boundaries, finding my style, simplifying my plates and purifying flavours and bringing flavours and techniques that the French don't know.  It's a work in progress and we hope to be able to welcome you to our restaurant and be a part of this adventure.   

Chef Luke



Inspirations = Creations