Produits d'Ici Saveurs d'Ailleurs


Produits d'Ici, Saveurs d'Ailleurs

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Le Menu Change tous les jours!

Produits d’ici, Saveurs d’ailleurs

Notre menu est frais préparé chaque jour tout simplement pour le service et le nombre de couverts (30).  Le produit est roi et dirigeant. Les assiettes et menus sont créés par rapport à l’arrivage de poissons, les tours aux marchés ou producteurs.  Nous ne travaillons que des produits locaux avec quelques touches et techniques de SE Asie que nous désirons vous faire découvrir.


The Menu changes every day!

Local products foreign flavours

Visits to the numerous farms around our restaurant, daily phone calls to my fish supplier and my great relationship with my butcher are the deciding factors to whats on the menu each day.  The local ingredients with touches of SE Asian cuisine that I have taken over the years direct the menu and inspire my creations.  The menu changes every day and I prepare only enough for one service!




Lundi            Fermé

Mardi            Fermé                                 

Mercredi      19:30 - 21:30             

Jeudi             12:00 - 14:30               19:30 - 21:30              

Vendredi      12:00 - 14:30               19:30- 21:30

Samedi         12:00 - 14:30               19:30 - 21:30

Dimanche    12:30 - 14:30



Lundi            Fermé

Mardi            Fermé

Mercredi     9:00 - 12:00     17:00 - 19:30

Jeudi            9:00 - 12:00     17:00 - 19:30

Vendredi     9:00 - 12:00     17:00 - 01:00

Samedi        17:00 - 00:30

Dimanche   9:00 - 11:00


Reservation obligatoire


Appelez nous pour toute réservation et information  sur les menus.  Signalez toutes allergies et régimes spéciaux dès la réservation SVP qu’on puisse prendre soin de vous.

All reservations are taken by telephone please.  Whilst making your booking we ask you kindly to state any allergies or special dietary requirements and we will take care of you.

Au plaisir de vous recevoir

Luke et Isabelle



Notre Histoire

After 7 years of working in and travelling through Asia: Hong Kong Thailand and Bali; Isabelle and I wanted to set up our family life and our own restaurant with our two Children Lily and Nolan in France.   By chance and good advice, we were told about La Palombe Gourmande in Lascazères.  Upon seeing the site, meeting the Mayor of the town (Mr. Bourbon) and his team, we decided that this was meant for us! 

Our formation and greatest memories of food are at a table with family, a beautifully cooked meal that was prepared that day.  I remember my grandmother (who was a wonderful cook) shelling fresh peas in the afternoon before dinner and as a youngster who hated peas, I could suddenly eat 2kg of them!!  I still have the taste of her freshly baked fairy cakes or shortbread in my mind.   I want to recreate this feeling in my restaurant and not just to heat up food that we prepared for a large menu that caters to everyone’s tastes. 

The Hautes Pyrénées is full of amazing products! Within a 10km radius we have amazing wines (Madiran, Pacharenc) free range pork, organic poultry, asparagus, strawberries, 3 organic vegetable farms and much more.  In Lascazères alone we have world class and gold medal winning honey, organic berries, stone ground ancient wheat flour and buck wheat flour, we have the owner of Domaine Pichard, organic goats cheese and beer.  Please take the opportunity to talk to us more about them and find some of their goods in our épicérie.

These products inspire menus and creation, for that reason we do not have a fixed menu.  We prepare a fresh menu full of love and uber fresh products daily. 

Please place your trust in me and allow me to create a menu that pays homage to these products and passionate farmers with my personal style and tastes that will take you on a culinary journey. 

Please let us know if you have any allergies or dietary requirements in order for me to prepare something for you as we do not have fridges full of food.

We are two in the kitchen and Isabelle for the service.                              After having completed my apprenticeship in Australia and having worked for a couple of famous chefs; worked for quasi 10 years in 2 and three Michelin starred restaurants in France and then leading teams in 5 star hotels with very large brigades (my last team was 46 plus 20 trainees!!) I find myself with one young sous chef with an amazing work ethic, passion for food and desire to learn.                                                                         Isabelle has decided to embark on this new adventure with me and completed studies in restaurant management.  She finds herself naturally suited to the role and we enjoying a great (and extremely busy) time learning how to run our own restaurant. 

We want to create a relaxed atmosphere at the same time as offering a fine dining experience, above all we want people to have a good time.  We have cut down all the unnecessary frills and expenses putting our focus on the food, wine and good service.  We want an open dialogue with our guests and to continually improve our services and offerings.  We want to grow our restaurant, our team and style.


Luke and Isabelle MacLeod

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